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Summertime! … DUH!

All across the country, the weather is turning warm and people are trading in their winter jackets for shorts and t-shirts as we enter the beginning of summer. This is the prime time to take advantage of what outdoor media has to offer, and not just in the states and cities where the weather is warm and the sun is shining all throughout the year!

Outdoor media has been growing in popularity regardless of the season, but summer is the perfect time to take your company’s marketing outdoors whether you are in sunny California or the ice-cold Northeast of New York and Pennsylvania.

People EVERYWHERE are spending more and more time outside to take advantage of the beautiful summertime weather…

… And Adopt a Highway is ready for them!

Not only are AHMC Maintenance Crews working harder than ever to keep our roadways clean this summer, but we also want to take you BEYOND traditional forms of outdoor media within the city, and take you OUTSIDE the city where millions of people and families are hopping in their cars and heading out for road trips, vacations, and cruises down the coast… making highways and turnpikes some of the best venues for outdoor media!

Brand your business by placing your company logo on the side of the interstate and bring awareness to summer travelers so they know exactly where to find your restaurant, gas station, hotel, or business!

Not only does AHMC believe we have a unique niche in outdoor media, we reach some of the highest numbers of potential consumers every day throughout the year, especially in the summertime!

Always working hard to improve the environment and keep our roadways clean, AHMC
is ready to take on this beautiful weather and help out our local communities!

As a way of kick-starting your summer, AHMC is providing a number of special summer
offers that can’t be beaten!

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