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Are my marketing efforts effective? Should I be exploring new branding opportunities to keep up with the competitive market? If you have asked yourself these questions in the last year, then you are not alone. Many businesses face the same struggle in this current economic climate.

Digital Dilemma

As quarantine began in March 2019, individuals were faced with children distance learning while parents start working from home. The structure of businesses changed as a variety of industries started working from home.

What are the best times to market to a growing digital audience when engagement patterns have changed? With the world changing daily, businesses of all sizes are still scrambling to detect how to best engage with their consumers online.

Timing Is Everything

One of the many struggles that marketers have faced is identifying the best time to send content that will engage consumers. This changes the patterns in which advertisers would usually send content to viewers, as consumers may now be busy in a meeting, making lunch, helping with homework at unprecedented times, etc.

Know Your Audience

Secondly, deciphering if your advertisement is catchy enough to get your audience to pay attention while still being sensitive to an array of emotions during these unnerving times still plagues advertisers. In a sea of growing digital content, it is a struggle even to be noticed. One of the most prevalent fears for business owners and marketers is ensuring content is not passed over or ignored by consumers.

So, the big question is, how do you compete in a world where marketing emails and other digital content are a dime a dozen?

The answer is simple… it’s time to stand out amongst the crowd of competitors and change up your marketing efforts.

Out of Home Advertising

Rather than participating in the digital noise, you can silence your competitors by going back to the basics and participating in our Sponsor A Highway® Program. In 2020, out of home advertising is becoming one of the most profitable forms of marketing. Think about it… from commuting to and from work to road tripping on your next family vacation; the highway is going to be the most popular form of transportation for the foreseeable future. As people continue to take the necessary precautions to avoid exposure to others outside of their immediate family members, AAA has reported that 97% of vacationers opt to road trip to their destination (Casselano, 2020).

While your competitors are trying to compete with one another by increasing digital marketing efforts, you can stand out above the rest by branding your business along the highway, where your logo will be seen by thousands of drivers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

The Benefits of Sponsoring A Highway

As a highway sponsor, there are two major benefits— increased brand awareness for your business and increased corporate social responsibility efforts that show the community that your business cares about giving back.

By sponsoring a sign along the highway, your business will fund litter-removal efforts along your sponsored segment of the road. Our professionally trained crew members conduct the highway cleaning that keeps the highways safe and the community happy. We send out the professionals so you can stay safe and productive, either at home or in the office.

The beauty of this program… Your business will receive all the recognition for keeping the highways cleaner and safer for commuters, wherever they may be traveling.

Strong Rooted Program

While the world continues to change and adjust, we have stayed true to our roots for over 30 years, and we will continue to stay to true them for many more to come. We will continue to offer businesses like yours the opportunity to increase brand awareness while keeping the highways clean and safe for your local community.

In a world where digital media is becoming mundane and commonplace, we will continue to offer a branding opportunity that your customers cannot turn off or unsubscribe. Sometimes the simplest of ideas are the ones that will weather the storm.

How do you plan to keep your business rooted through the storm? Gives us a call today at 800.200.003, and we will connect you with one of our account managers that are ready to position your business along the highway where your branding efforts are always visible to all travelers.


Casselano, J. (2020, June 25). AAA Forecasts Americans will take 700 Million Trips this Summer. AAA.