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To prevent car accidents caused by litter and keep the roads safer, personal injury attorneys have partnered with Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation ® (AHMC) to sponsor a highway.

Personal injury attorneys often represent those injured in auto accidents, and they understand the many dangers people face when driving, including litter and debris on the road. Drivers who swerve their vehicles to avoid hitting litter on the road can have an even worse consequence: hitting a car or multiple cars and injuring those inside.

Why Personal Injury Attorneys Should Sponsor A Highway

In the most recent study conducted by AAA, litter on the roadways was responsible for about 50,000 car accidents per year in the United States. Sponsoring a highway helps to remove highway litter for safer roads to travel on. Adopt A Highway sends professionally-trained cleaning crews to safely and efficiently provide litter removal services. In return, personal injury attorneys receive a sponsor-recognition sign for every one-mile segment they sponsor.

Motorists who see the sponsor signs will then correlate attorneys and their firms with caring about the environment and the community. And let’s face it; lawyers don’t always have the best public image.

Assumptions are often made that lawyers are more interested in winning cases and making money than having their clients’ best interests in mind. In a 2022 Gallup survey, 50% of Americans rated the honesty and ethical standards of lawyers to be just “average.” Only 18% said “high” and 3% “very high,”—leaving a lot of room for improvement in the public eye.

This is especially true for personal injury attorneys who work hard to combat the perception that they are “ambulance chasers” or attorneys who search for injured clients. Although personal injury attorneys specialize in representing the injured, it doesn’t mean they want people to be injured or follow ambulances to emergency scenes. By sponsoring a highway, personal injury attorneys showcase that they want safer, cleaner roads while improving their public image through brand frequency and visibility.

Adopt A Highway currently operates in 25 states and has collected 1,309,520 pounds of litter. Learn how to reach millions of motorists and show the community that you care by partnering with Adopt A Highway. Contact us at 1-800-200-003 or visit


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