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In holidays past, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corp had a tradition of sending out boxes of chocolate to our sponsors as a special little holiday treat. This year, rather than sending out fattening chocolates during a season that is already cluttered with cookies, cakes, and candy, AHMC has decided to do something a little different. We’ve decided to take a page from our “Book of Sponsors” and donate toys to those families and children who need a visit from Santa this year.

Everyone here at AHMC thought that the holiday spirit would be best served by our efforts to do something very special for kids who might not have a chance to play with a new toy this holiday! And really, isn’t that what Christmas is meant to be all about? Sharing little joys with those who need a reason to laugh and smile!

So our team headed over to the local Target store and descended upon the toy department with the abandon and joy of a child in Who-Ville. In no time, we had four shopping carts over flowing with toys.


There is definitely something cathartic about buying a boat load of toys,
even when they aren’t for you.

Once everything was rung up and we headed out the door, when we thought in hindsight, that perhaps the MINI Cooper was not the best choice of vehicle to haul a mountain of toys. But we are always up for a challenge, so using our finely honed Tetris skills, we managed to get everything in. A MINI Cooper, literally filled to the brim with toys is quite a sight!


After a brief stop show off our haul to everyone else at the AHMC office, we headed over to the Newport Beach Fire Station #3 to drop off our booty. Where the fire crew gladly accepted our donation on behalf of the “Spark of Love” toy drive, which is celebrating its 20th year!


So on behalf of Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation,
we wish everyone a warm and Happy Holiday filled with smiles
(even if there isn’t any chocolate)!


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