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Out of Home (OOH) ad spending is predicted to reach $33 billion by 2021, with a $7.7 billion increase in 2017 alone- as reported by OAAA (2017). The industry is experiencing consistent three to four percent increases yearly.

When the rise of social media and digital ads took over, marketers hesitated to invest in OOH campaigns because of the lack of data available. Meaning OOH was unable to provide measurable statistics that marketers thrive on such as CTR, CPA, and CPM. Billboards, Digital OOH (DOOH), street furniture, and highway signage are not outdated and should not be disregarded. In fact, Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA, 2017) reports that OOH results in higher ROI than radio, print, and digital display advertising.

Making Ads Resonate

Ads need to resonate! Consumers spend hours online, use ad blockers, and are just overall numb to most advertising messages. In order to ensure ad recall and resonance, brands must focus on unique and personalized messages. This goes back to the old marketing adage “the rule of seven” -consumers need to see a message an average of seven times before they take action. So as to avoid redundancy, monotony, and boredom ads need to be presented at different touch points, with different copy. OOH, facilitates the delivery of marketing messages by being another unique touch point.

CSR Resonates

As millennials move up the corporate ladder, marketers need to identify what messages resonate. Studies show that corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts are highly valued by millennials and gen- Z. Companies need to implement CSR as part of a long-term corporate messaging and practicing strategy. Millennials sense inauthenticity and therefore any CSR efforts should be genuine, in line with corporate values, and should be able to withstand the test of time.

Trusting Companies

Portraying and developing consumer trust is essential to the long-term success of an advertising strategy that resonates. Corporations have long suffered from the revelation of scandalous business practices. As transparency and access to information become readily available, companies with socially conscious habits are chosen over their competitors by consumers.

As advertising becomes complex and OOH sees increased media buying, differentiation becomes ever more crucial. At Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®  (AHMC) we are proud to provide a different kind of OOH advertising, one that is socially and environmentally conscious and helps our sponsor’s messages resonate while portraying a message of trust and corporate social responsibility.



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