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Roadside advertising signs have been around for decades, providing businesses with a way to promote their products and services to drivers. Typically made of wood, metal, and plastic, these signs come in various sizes and designs—from small, single-sided boards to large, double-sided digital displays.

Roadside signs can include anything from simple directional markers to eye-catching billboards showcasing special offers. They are commonly placed along busy highways, rural roads, and local thoroughfares with high traffic counts.

But with the rise of digital advertising, some business owners wonder if old-fashioned roadside signs still deliver results in today’s world. The answer is yes—when executed strategically, roadside advertising signs can drive brand awareness, increase store traffic, boost sales, and provide a high return on investment (ROI).

The key is using these signs not as a standalone strategy but as part of an integrated marketing plan. Their unique benefits come from high impressions, geographic targeting, constant visibility, and low cost compared to other ad mediums.

At Adopt A Highway® and Sponsor A Highway®, we are big believers in the impact of roadside advertising – because we’ve seen it work! Let’s dive in and look at how you can use roadside signs to increase sales and reinforce your brand identity.

Why Roadside Advertising Signs Still WorkWhy Roadside Advertising Signs Still Work

The humble roadside sign might seem like a relic but don’t be fooled by its analog form. Here’s why roadside signs still pack a punch—you may be surprised to see just how effective they can be.

High Traffic, Higher Reach

Every day, approximately 3.6 billion miles are driven on US roads. This torrent of traffic translates into countless eyes landing on roadside signage daily. 

To put some numbers behind it, a single billboard on a high-traffic interstate can garner over 30,000 impressions per day. Now imagine those eyes passing your roadside advertisement with your custom branding and messaging – again and again.

Targeted Visibility

Strategically placing signs near your target audience’s habitat – whether homes, workplaces, or frequented shopping zones – allows laser focus that most digital platforms cannot match. 

While geofencing applications based on GPS data promise similar hyperlocal exposure, their reach pales in comparison to the physical omnipresence of a well-positioned roadside sign in the right community.

Cost-Effective Champion

Dollar for dollar, roadside signs provide significantly more bang for the buck. The cost per thousand impressions is markedly lower compared to online channels. 

Research shows billboard campaigns can reach the same sized audience as digital ads for 30-50% less spend. And because physical signs last for years with minimal upkeep, they allow advertisers to stretch their investment much further. So you can enjoy long-term exposure with a single investment without needing to refresh your digital strategy continuously.

Branding Goes Further

The roadside placement provides unparalleled visibility, as it sits squarely in the driver’s sightline. This constant brand exposure profoundly shapes top-of-mind perception over time. 

Studies confirm the power of roadside sign repetition, indicating it can increase brand recall by 40% and purchase intent by 25%. This matters because it drives sales and, ultimately, customer loyalty.

The Keys to Making Roadside Advertising Signs Effective

The benefits are there – but how can you separate the good from the great? To get the most out of your roadside investment, you need to pay attention to some key aspects:

1. Location Still Matters

Regarding roadside signage, the old real estate mantra rings true: location is paramount. The prime consideration is choosing routes with high traffic volumes and visibility to your target demographic. 

Track traffic patterns and population flows to identify optimal thoroughfares and intersections within your geographic target. (Or you can work with a team like Adopt A Highway® that can handle your research!)

2. Visuals Go With Location

Visibility alone does not guarantee engagement, however. It would be best if you had high visual impact as well. Applying graphic design best practices is crucial – vibrant colors that pop, contrasting fonts that are legible from afar, and eye-catching illustrations. 

Strategically highlight your USP or calls to action using structural elements like borders, arrows, and dimensional graphics. This could be an effective way to engage your target demographic and draw them in.

3. What’s Your Call To Action?

Speaking of calls to action, every element of your signage, from imagery to text, should focus on conveying a single, clear message that answers the question: Why should drivers care right now? 

You have 5 seconds max to get their attention and tickle their impulse. So focus on what you want them to do: stop in, the sale ends today, book now, and save. These messages will be more effective if accompanied by graphics that stand out and are memorable.

4. Don’t Leave The Reader Confused

For location-based businesses like retailers or restaurants, add directional signage on nearby roads, intersections, or lighting posts to guide people your way physically. Directional ground signs are also helpful in channeling on-site traffic toward key areas once they arrive at your location.

5. Keep Your Sign Healthy

And don’t neglect maintenance. Fading, vandalism, and vegetation growth can quickly render your signs ineffective. Regular upkeep to preserve legibility, readability, and legal conformity ensures your signs continue working hard for you 24/7. 

Think of maintenance costs as part of your media budget. At Adopt A Highway®, our team will handle all maintenance for your signage so you can be sure it looks great and is always in compliance.

Start Boosting Your Sales with Effective Roadside Advertising Signs

Are you looking for a better way to promote your business? Investing in roadside advertising signs can be a great way to boost sales and expand your market reach. At Adopt A Highway®, we take care of everything, from installation and permitting to maintenance and removal.

When you place roadside advertising signs with Adopt A Highway®, you can rest assured that your signs will be built with legal conformity in mind. Rather than having your business handle the maintenance and care of the signs, we take that burden away from you. That way, you can be sure your signs will look good and be in compliance all the time.

Learn more about our roadside advertising signs today and get your deserved exposure. With Adopt A Highway®, we ensure your business is seen effectively, safely, and legally!

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