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Do you own your own business? Work on a company’s marketing team looking to expand awareness and know how to adopt a highway. If you’re going to get your name out there, you must get creative with catching eyes and capturing the imagination.

Sure, there are many ways to grow your brand awareness, but have you ever considered combining a profitable brand promotion with sustainable marketing efforts?

Here at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®, we believe that today’s consumers are looking for more than just a great product or service in their partner companies. They want a brand that shows genuine effort in bringing sustainable change to their community.

That’s why we have become a leader in helping brands connect with their customers by adopting some of the country’s most well-traveled routes.

When your company partners with Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation®, you’ll get more than just a spot on the side of the highway. We offer comprehensive package deals designed to help increase awareness of your brand through roadside advertising while also doing good for the environment through cleaning and maintenance – all covered by our team on your behalf!

So, are you ready to take advantage of the incredible benefits of sponsoring a highway? It’s easier than you expect – and the benefits are pretty impressive! Read on to learn more about the modern Adopt a Highway program – and how to get started!

Customers Expect More Than A Product

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) and CR (Corporate Responsibility) are more than boardroom buzzwords – they create a practical foundation by which companies can engage with an ever-growing pool of sustainability-minded consumers.

Research from the Edelman Trust Barometer reveals that 66% of customers will actively seek out companies whose values align with theirs. In comparison, 60% would buy and pay more for products and services from a socially responsible company.

That means companies committed to positively impacting the world can benefit from an enhanced reputation and increased customer loyalty.

But here’s the problem—with budgets tight and margins low, it can be challenging for businesses to find the resources to invest in ESG and CR initiatives. While a community outreach or volunteer program may be an inspiring way to give back, these efforts are often reactive rather than proactive.

By participating in an Adopt a Highway program, you can take advantage of a sustainable initiative that embraces your customers’ expectations while promoting your brand 24/7/365 – because they’re already hitting the road! When their interstate highways are litter-free, consumers will look to you as a leader in the community beyond just a single-mile stretch.

Adopting a Highway: What Is It?

Adopting a highway isn’t a novel concept – businesses have been taking the chance to beautify their communities through highway adoption programs for more than decades. The idea is simple – a company or organization chooses a slice of highway or local road to sponsor and is responsible for keeping it clean throughout the year.

The sponsoring organization must also provide signage with its name, logo, or other identifying information along the roadside to be recognized as the official adopter of the highway. Throughout the year, the company will send out adopt-a-highway volunteers—safety vests, trash bags, and all—to participate in litter cleanup and maintenance along their assigned road segment.

But the traditional adopt a highway program has been focused primarily on connecting businesses and non-profit organizations with social responsibility – and any brand awareness was simply a bonus. Over time, digital advertising ate up the majority of budget dollars, leaving roadside adoption programs on the back burner (and more trash on the state highway!)

Consumers became increasingly wary of companies that put on a front of “doing good,” the need for a genuine connection with an actual cause became apparent. Suddenly, the concept of giving back seems refreshingly authentic and relevant again – and companies are taking notice.

How Our Adopt A Highway Program Is Different

What if you could adopt a highway and enjoy the benefits of social responsibility efforts – without the traditional effort? That’s the concept behind The Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®. For us, it’s about more than helping drivers stop littering — our adopt a highway program turns a roadway sign into a beacon of hope.

AHMC works with businesses to provide a quick and easy way to show their commitment to giving back. Companies can “adopt” a highway in an area they choose as an investment – covering both the maintenance cost and roadside signage that acknowledges their contribution.

The Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® handles the care and maintenance of the sponsored road, ensuring that the investment goes beyond just a sign. AHMC understands the importance of providing quality service and ensuring all roads are safe and well-maintained. Our professional clean-up teams will take care of the adopted section of the road, engage with the local transportation department, and ensure that your adopt-a-highway signs stay in high-visibility areas.

We partner with state DOTs, local governments, and businesses to ensure our roads are safer for everyone. Whether a small business or a large corporation, AHMC can help you support your community and make a difference in the lives of those who depend on safe highways.

How To Adopt A Highway

Are you ready to see just how effective it can be to put your brand’s name and mission in front of millions of drivers? We’ve made it easier than ever to adopt or sponsor a highway on some of the country’s most well-traveled roads and byways.

Simply head online and request a quote to adopt a highway in your chosen state, and our team will reach out to discuss your options and the investment needed to ensure that your highway is clean and free of trash and debris.

We’ll also provide an in-depth breakdown of the requirements and benefits associated with adopting a highway, allowing you to make sure that it fits within your budget and fulfills any philanthropic goals you may have. As time passes, we’ll offer statistics and data on your adopted or sponsored highway program that you can utilize in your ESG and CR reporting.

Our team is passionate about ensuring American roads remain clean and safe, and we’re excited to work with you as part of this mission. Let us help you make a difference in your local community today.

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